About Emsella


Emsella is an electromagnetic chair for the treatment of incontinence its mechanism of action is totally different and unique from anything that exists in the noninvasive or so-called noninvasive field of incontinence treatment.


We all know that urinary stress and urge incontinence are usually the result of pelvic relaxation sometimes the result of birth trauma and sometimes the result of some systemic pathology. Most of the treatment available are either surgical in nature or are related to medication. Overactive bladder is usually treated with medication but unfortunately it has many side effects. This makes for poor compliance with most patients and many studies show that after one year more than 50% of patients are no longer using their medication for this reason.Severe and moderate stress incontinence is treated with surgical slings. These are very effective but nevertheless they are surgical in nature and therefore very invasive. Other treatments for overactive bladder and urge incontinence have been Botox injections into the lower segment of the bladder or electrical stimulation devices implanted in the buttock of the patient with wires running through the sacrum. Many devices have been developed for more noninvasive treatment. They either include radiofrequency administration into the vagina or some form of delivery system for CO2 laser heat thermal energy. The mechanism of action for these devices are the buildup of collagen which seems to aid in solving the stress incontinence issue and sometimes helps in overactive bladder scenarios.


While these treatments do help the real issue of incontinence is the relaxation of what is called the pelvic diaphragm or pelvic floor. This consists of groupings of several muscles the most common is the levator among muscle as well as the coccygeus muscle. These muscles, when relaxed allow for incontinence to occur.


The issue has never been in adequate collagen other then of course intrinsic sphincter deficiency. The baseline etiology of these reasons for incontinence are neurogenic and muscular in nature this brings us to Emsella.


What is so amazing is the groundbreaking technology of a high-intensity electromagnetic force that is able to contract and fasiculate pelvic floor muscles 11,200 times in a 28 minute session. Two sessions a week for three weeks are required for a total of six sessions what is more remarkable is this is done with the patient fully clothed seated on the electromagnetic chair either reading a magazine or a book. The results of our first study published by Dr. Joseph Berenholz have a 90% satisfaction rating by the 20 female participants. The results were not only dramatic for stress urinary incontinence but was highly effective for overactive bladder. Emsella it is a first of its kind technology. It is truly disruptive in every sense of the word to the way we have usually treated incontinence . It addresses the true issues of incontinence and it does so while allowing a female patient to be fully clothed. There is no question, Emsella is a game changer.